Skill Squad

These sessions are the perfect mix of stroke development, fitness and race technique for swimmers aged approximately 7-12 years.

Skill squad 45

is an introduction to this type of session with approximately 20 minutes spent on stroke development in all strokes, 15 minutes on improving fitness, stamina and 10 minutes on skills such as diving and tumble turning.

Skill squad 60

features 30 minutes stroke development, 15-20 minutes fitness and stamina and 10-15 minutes on diving and tumble turning in all strokes.

Squad (Junior Development and Senior Fitness)

Harwood Swimming offers squad training for children aged 8 and up. With a focus on technique development squad sessions are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 6-7:15am and every weekday afternoon from 5:15pm-6:30pm. The programme is divided into Junior Development (those aged 8-12 looking to develop their swimming to compete at regional and state level carnivals with 1-5 sessions per week) and Senior Fitness (for those aged 12+ looking to compete at all levels of school swimming, triathlons or just to develop general fitness attending from 1-5 sessions per week).